Innovation fabric is designed for the highest hills and tallest mountains.

Developed to be the last word in high end waterproof/breathable performance fabric, the Innovation range is most often found in combination with our System Dual Protection technology due to its ideal compatibility and usability.

Innovation 5

A texturised nylon laminate coated with hydrophilic PU fabric; highly breathable and wickable with excellent waterproofing, Innovation 5 is used in our System Dual Protection range.

Innovation 7

Soft microfibre with peached outer and hydrophilic laminate. Innovation 7 offers quiet, high end performance. Often used in conjunction with ADS liner.

Innovation Lite

A high tenacity ripstop material, which provides protection against wind and rain. Innovation Lite is used in our System Dual Protection ‘Extreme’ range.

Innovation XL

The specially constructed fibre arrangement rapidly transports moisture away from the body in both liquid and vapour form and is laminated to a hydrophilic film. Innovation XL forms an integral part of our ‘Waterproof Fleece’ range.

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