Welcome to our Legacy Project!

Due to be launched early 2023, our Legacy Project is the culmination of our work to expand our ethos of keeping kit going to more of our customers


We have identified 7 ways we can make a real difference to the current landfill problem for outdoorwear


So what’s the plan?

Reduce Waste | Less Preaching | More Quality Kit!


Although we’re excited to begin our Legacy project, we know that this is just the beginning,
and we hope that you will join us on this journey.


Its about a journey, starting that conversation in all the ways as both individuals and collectively we can be better, reducing our impact on the planet and maybe save some money too.


From how we choose and use our kit, from caring and repairing; all making garments last longer and perform that bit harder for us.


And when your beloved piece of kit comes towards its end of life with you – how we can continue that story with ways such as Deja vu, reclaim and then ultimately recycle.


You can find more information on the project here, and see some of our current Legacy items here



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