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Our History


And our aim remains the same – to provide quality outdoor clothing packed with innovation and technology, and throughout the years we continue to enhance our reputation based on these principles!

Keela was founded on the East Coast of Scotland, the perfect place to innovate and test outdoor garments for the changeable British weather. With our HQ located in Glenrothes, we continue to provide UK-led designs.

We appreciate the continued support of our Keela family – which has meant that in an era of third-party manufacturing, we can continue to provide our garments in an ethical and sustainable manner; and are proud of our status as one of the few true garment manufacturers left in the outdoors world.

Our customers are experts

Working to the Extremes

You need to be able to rely on your kit

We test in the lab and the real world

Innovative Ethical Sustainable

At Keela we put the emphasis on garments that perform in the most extreme conditions of their intended environment.

This means we don’t just lab test our garments in simulated environments; we put them out on the hills and ensure they provide the ultimate protection.

Working Together

It’s this dedication that has led us to supplying a range of Emergency Services over the years, from Police to Military, Fire Services to Rescue Teams – and more!

With so many professional users relying on our kit performing in the worst conditions – we work hard to ensure our garments perform as expected, so you can focus on the job at hand.

“I’ve been a Keela clothing partner for over two years now and I can’t recall a day I haven’t worn at least one of their garments. And I’m not just wearing them because of our agreement – I genuinely believe they make the best kit available.”

– Andy Howard | Nature Photographer

A Good Influence

“Setting up the company some thirty years ago, this was the question I asked myself. I wanted to be different. To find new solutions to old problems, to deliver the best products possible using the most modern techniques available.
We did this then. We do this now. We will do this tomorrow."

– Rube Fernando

Innovation Quality Technology

Our links within the industry have meant that Keela has been able to remain competitive, designing innovative garments using high-quality materials.
With the dawn of the age of seam-sealed garments providing an alternative system of manufacture to improve waterproof seams, and with innovation in machinery and tapes carrying on today, Keela garments continue to benefit with each step.

Being born and bred in Scotland we know exactly how important it is that our products are able to withstand anything the elements can throw at us, providing you with total protection, so you can get on with your adventure and follow your instinct.


Company Founded

The first roots of Keela!

Our parent company was founded and began working on the idea of Innovation, Quality, Technology.


Repair Centre Opened

The base of our Keela Rebuild programme started here.

Starting life as support for contract customers, it has continued to grow and expand – and we now complete over 100 repairs each year.


Keela Founded

After years of manufacturing for others, the Keela brand is born.

Following the principles of Innovation, Quality, Technology – we aim to provide kit to last the test of time.


Tape Sealed Fleece

We launch the world’s first fully tape sealed fleece jacket.

A true innovation – now you can enjoy a soft fleece feel, but still stay dry in any sudden rain!


Tsunami School

Following the Asian Tsunami disaster, we helped to rebuild a primary school.
With our close ties to Sri Lanka, we continue to work closely to support the area.


The Queen’s Award: Innovation

Our sister company is awarded a Queen’s Award for Innovation.

This if for their work on Advanced Construction Technology (A.C.T.) in garment and material construction.


The Queen’s Award: Again!

A year of recognition for System Dual protection culminates in the Queen’s Award for the SDP technology – for its improvement in garment performance – the only fabric system in the world to achieve this accolade


Recycling Scheme Launched

This allows our contract customers to securely recycle their used garments – avoiding badged items going to landfill.

This becomes a key area in our 5 R’s approach.


Keela Focuses on Sustainability

We launched our 5 R’s programme – aiming to improve credentials throughout our manufacturing process.

We also sign up to various initiatives aimed at improving sustainability.


Heritage Range Launched

Our long-awaited Heritage range was launched!

Bringing together classic designs, British fabrics, and for one item – full UK manufacturing – a big step in bringing skills back to the UK.


NHS Gowns

Our UK manufacturing was expanded and committed to the production of gowns and PPE for the NHS during the pandemic.

With teams working flat-out, we were able to provide over 750k gowns.


UK Manufacturing

Facilities originally used to make gowns are kept and we begin UK manufacture of a range of new limited-edition products.

New designs are being worked on every day!