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Blueprint - Nevis Trouser

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This pair of trousers was crafted during the design process for our Nevis Trouser. Created as a sample in the development phase, this pair features different zips and materials than the final Nevis Trousers but provides the same functionality for your next adventure in the hills!



Colour:Night Blue

Part of our commitment to UK manufacturing and sustainability


For over 40 years in our Keela hospital we have brought garments back from the brink of destruction. Stitching, patching, sealing, bonding and everything else we can think of – all to reunite prized possessions with their owners, so they can keep exploring for years to come. We are very pleased to share the latest addition to our journey – The Legacy Project. Advancing our commitment to sustainability, we have identified seven key areas where we can minimise waste and encourage a more circular system of thinking.