Merino L/S Zip Top

£64.95 inc VAT

The ideal base layer. Our 200gsm Merino is designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures by remaining breathable.

It helps your body regulate its temperature when you’re pushing yourself to the limits.

Product weight: 250g


Naturally Odour Resistant

Merino wool naturally resists odours, making it the perfect base layer (especially if you’re planning to wear it multiple days on the trot!)

Temperature Regulation

Designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures, while remaining breathable to help you cool down when it’s warm

Flatlock Stitching

A great baselayer needs to be comfortable, and using flatlock stitching means no uncomfortable rubbing against your skin


  • 1⁄4 length zip for ventilation
  • Flatlock stitching for comfort
  • Slim fit
  • Temperature regulation
  • Naturally odour resistant
  • 80% Merino


Run247 – “just right to keep you warm on those very cold days”

I’ve always found it hard to find the right merino top. For me they seem to fall into the ‘very thin like they might rip’ category or the ‘very thick like wearing a jumper’ one, neither of which are great for running. However, we recently tried one from Keela, a great outdoor clothing company based in Scotland, with a focus on ethical and sustainable kit. Their 200gsm merino top is just right to keep you warm on those very cold days, and it stays breathable. You can also wear it and wear it without fear of stink.

Chris – Thames Valley Bike Patrol – “Highly recommended”

I had the pleasure of testing the new merino base layers, and I have to say I found them a pleasure to wear. I’d never tried merino based products before and found them perfect for cold days out on the bike. They felt really comfortable when wearing them, and the top looked good enough to wear by itself. I found the that they dealt with the sweat very well and they didn’t smell. I would wear mine for 3 or 4 rides before washing it. I had the large sizes and the only complaint about the top was that I found the arm length was just too short, but as I was wearing it under a jacket it was fine. I wore the top whilst riding my mountain bike and road bike, and only ever put on a soft shell jacket with it, and even with in below zero conditions I was warm enough. Highly recommended. Would I buy one of these base layers, yes I would, in fact for next winter I will be looking for another merino base layer top.

Spectator Life – “a great gift idea for the outdoor lover”

A good new inner layer is a great gift idea for the outdoor lover, and we really liked this option from Keela. It’s made of 200gsm merino wool so it regulates temperature well, wicks away moisture and is naturally odour resistant.

Trail Running – “Good value merino baselayer – Ideal for multi-day adventures”

This versatile mid-weight top is a mix of 80% responsibly sourced merino wool and 20% polyester for durability and speedy drying. Worn on its own or as a baselayer, it’s comfortable, breathable and naturally antimicrobial. The zip adds ventilation and allows a higher collar but it’s also available without the zip.

BBC Countryfile Magazine – “all the attributes I look for in a high-performance base layer”

This smart-looking top from Scottish brand Keela is made mainly from 200gsm merino wool, giving the garment all the attributes I look for in a high-performance base layer. It breathes easily and wicks moisture away from your body well, it keeps you warm when it’s cold outside, cools you down when it’s warm and stays free of body odour. Keela employs a merino mix that promises durability as well as comfort and performance. The design qualities make this top excellent value for it’s price tag, from the flat-lock stitching and the stylish slim fit, high neck and quarter-length zip for ventilation.

Advnture – “Top quality, well-designed base layer”

Made mainly from high quality 200gsm merino wool, this base layer from Scottish brand Keela is a high performing under garment, which provides heat when outdoor conditions are cold, but is also capable of keeping you cool when the outside temperature rises. Such is the magic of merino, which also brings anti bacterial properties to the table, to stop your top smelling bad. It also breathes well, wicks moisture, and feels luxuriously comfortable next to your skin, especially with the flat-lock seams this top boasts. Well designed all round, the Keela base layer is close fitting and features a high neck, for extra warmth, complete with a zip (and chin protector), so you can let cool air in during high-intensity activity. It’s also long fitting, to keep your lower back – The best base layer: for winter walking, running, hiking, biking and skiing.

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