Wee Days Oot Collection


Wee Days Oot

Scottish Gaelic ‘Rannsaich an saoghal timcheall ort’, translates to ‘Explore the world around you’

For the everyday adventurer, the Wee Days Oot collection has been designed to encourage you into the outdoors, starting small and close to home.

We want to show that you can find an adventure anywhere – you don’t need to spend thousands on a trip abroad, or commit to spending weeks away from home!

Made For You, in Scotland

We wanted to make something inspired by Micro Adventures, creating multifunctional pieces of clothing that can help you feel more comfortable in the great outdoors.

Whether it’s a beach walk finished off with a seat by a campfire to watch the sunset, or your first ever cold-water dip, the Wee Days Oot collection has something for everyone.

And the best bit. It’s made here in Scotland!

So why not continue your outdoor journey with Keela’s Wee Days Oot collection? Take your first steps and discover the beauty that’s right in front of you.

You might just be surprised at what you find!


Smirr Poncho

(smur) ~ a fine/drizzly rain

This waterproof poncho is easily packable in its own compact carry bag.

It features a snap closure at the neck, a convenient belt loop at the back for secure fitting in windy conditions, and handlebar straps that can be hooked onto your bike handlebars, ensuring a dry commute even on rainy days.

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Coorie Blanket

(kuːrɪ) ~ snuggle

A versatile waterproof blanket designed to wrap snugly around your shoulders.

It conveniently folds into itself to carry, and can be snapped together to create a cosy cocoon for those campfire gatherings.

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Drookit Drying Robe

(drʊkɪt) ~ drenched

After a refreshing dip in the sea or an enchanting sunset paddle, the waterproof Drookit Drying Robe comes to the rescue.

Lined with a towel material, it swiftly dries you off. The robe includes spacious front pockets and a secure zippered inner pocket to safeguard your valuables.

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Bahookie Cover Changing Robe

(bəˈhuːki) ~ buttocks

Offering both warmth and comfort, this waterproof changing robe features a super-soft fleece inner lining.

Additionally, it cleverly transforms into a wearable sleeping bag with its snap-off foot warmer, an idea kindly shared with us from ‘The Ootsider’, a company dedicated to helping the homeless and those sleeping rough. For every one sold, a donation will be made to ‘The Ootsider’.

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