System Dual Protection

SDP is our unique condensation control system, a winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovations, it uses an inner air gap to keep you comfortable in all scenarios.
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The Innovation range of fabric is designed for the highest hills and mountains, and developed to be the last word in high end waterproof/breathable performance fabric.
Read more about the full Innovation range here


Flylite fabric is designed to give superb wind resistance and excellent breathability – making it ideal for lightweight outerwear.Flylite Aqua adds waterproof properties, while Flylite Ripstop focuses on windproof performance.


The Rainlife range of fabric can be found throughout our clothing, as the hydrophilic properties make it ideal for waterproof clothing.
Rainlife 2000 uses a lightweight outer nylon with a hydrophilic coating, which makes it the ideal outer skin for multi-activity use.
Rainlife 5000 uses a texturised outer with a waterproof hydrophilic coating. This delivers improved breathability and waterproofing for fantastic all round outdoor performance.


Aquaflex is a moderately lightweight 3-layer waterproof fabric which is also breathable.
Aquaflex Extreme combines these properties with a more robust and durable finish.


Prostretch is a waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric that offers 4-way stretch, making it ideal for climbing and high impact sports.



AirXtream is a specially designed 3-layer material concept, with a combination of materials brought together in one performance system.
Read more about AirXtream technology here



PrimaLoft is incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable with excellent water repellency so you remain dry, warm and comfortable, even under the most extreme conditions.

Read more about Primaloft technology here


Our range of Zetland fabrics is the ideal fleece fabric for the outdoor world.
With a soft touch but still hard wearing, this special 100% polyester fabric is tightly knitted during manufacture to provide excellent thermal properties and all round insulation.
Non-pill and easy-care, Zetland fabric is ideal for a wide variety of outdoor sports and activities.



Polartec® Thermal Pro® is a fabric platform that embodies the versatile style applications of synthetic fleece.
A diverse variety of knitting techniques create unique surface structures without sacrificing performance.
The adapted look and feel still delivers the warmth and comfort of classic fleece. Thermal Style Redefined.


Merino wool is well known for its warmth and softness, making it perfect for use in underlayers.
Read more about our Merino technology here


The ultimate moisture management system, ADS is able to rapidly disperse moisture over a large area for fast evaporation.
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CADS uses the same dispersal technology as our ADS, but with added anti-microbial technology.
Read more about our CADS technology here


In trials users have found that the natural rejuvenating and healing properties of the ESP system have contributed to an improved performance and sense of well-being, as well as a reduction in recovery time.
Read more about ESP technology here


Insect Shield

Insect Shield technology converts clothing and gear into long-lasting, effective and convenient insect protection.
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Designed specifically for the requirements of travel use, Stretch-tec incorporates Lycra yarns to provide superior stretch and comfort.


Viraloff technology reduces viruses present on fabric by 99% in 2 hours
Read more about ViralOff technology here

Polygiene Stay Fresh

Polygiene Stay Fresh technology can be summed up by ‘Wash Less. Wear More’ – it aims to improve garment hygiene meaning items can be worn more before needing washed.
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Originally designed in the UK, Ventile® is densely woven from 100% cotton using the world’s finest long staple fibre.
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British Millerain

British Millerain is the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear, and is the world’s leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics.
Read more about British Millerain fabric here


Braxton fabric is a highly durable cotton/nylon mix, designed to be perfect for the country and bushcraft market.

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed has long been considered the height of quality – with it’s trademark orb and made entirely in the Hebrides, it’s stylish as well as durable.
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