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British Millerain

Lancashire Based

British Millerain

British Millerain (based in Lancashire) is the original manufacturer of waxed cotton for outerwear and is the world’s leading specialist in waxed cotton fabrics
And this is why we chose to use their Sahara Staywax in our Harris Tweed Smock as well as our Heritage Trousers.

Over 100 years of fabric technology

The Story of British Millerain

Towards the end of the 1880’s, British Millerain began to develop fabrics which would suit a wide variety of clothing requirements, from the rigours of life in the armed forces to the demands of country pursuits.

Since the advent of the first patented Millerain® rainproof finish in 1894, British Millerain have expanded their waterproof offerings into apparel and commercial markets.

Whilst the technology has changed over the years, British Millerain remain faithful to their roots. Through more than a century of refinement, development and testing, British Millerain have earned a reputation as the leading manufacturer of Waxed Cottons and practical, aesthetic fabrics for outdoor applications.

The family principles have never changed; British Millerain strive to bring new products to the market based on both their old and new technologies.