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Legacy Project


Keela's Legacy Project

Keeping it Going

For over 40 years in our Keela hospital we have brought garments back from the brink of destruction.

Stitching, patching, sealing, bonding and everything else we can think of – all to reunite prized possessions with their owners, so they can keep exploring for years to come.

As part of our commitment to UK manufacturing and sustainability, we are very pleased to announce the latest addition to our journey – The Legacy Project.

Taking it one step further, we have identified 7 areas where we can save garments from the dreaded landfill heap.

The 7 Steps of Legacy


We’re known for pushing the boundaries – and part of the way we do this, is by letting our designers try all sorts of different concepts!
Sometimes it’s a design for a whole new style, other times we test new fabric, trims and methods of manufacture.

Whatever we discover, although not every idea is adopted into our range, it does mean there are lots of unique and one-off designs waiting for you!


We admit it – sometimes we can be real hoarders. For every product we create, we hold a ‘gold seal’ sample – which we use to make sure we produce the same high quality time and time again.

But as we discontinue items, where do these gold seals go? Why, we package them up and hide them in our design room of course!

But we think they deserve a better life, out on the hills where they belong – so our Archive collection is your chance to get your hands on some of our older, classic designs.

Second Life

If you’ve had a jacket for 5, 10, 20 years (or even longer!) it can be difficult to give it up.

When your item hits the end of its life and just can’t be resurrected, that’s where ‘Second Life’ comes in to play.

You send the item back to us, and our team take what fabric they can from it, and turn it into something new.

Just imagine your old waterproof jacket enjoying a second life as a gym bag for carrying your other kit!

If you fancy trying your hand at remaking your items at home, you can get some ideas and guidance here

Clothing Hospital

We have run our clothing hospital since the 1980’s!

Although good care can keep your kit working well for longer, there’s always going to be times where you just can’t avoid something going wrong.

If you find your trusty trousers or favourite jacket has a rip, tear or other malady – our team will do their best to repair it so you can go on enjoying the outdoors – so don’t despair, just contact us and our team will walk you through the repairs process!

Deja Vu

Occasionally we receive back items and, for whatever reason, it hasn’t gone back to its original owner – they may have been marked in transit or quickly tried by our customers, leaving them with superficial scuffs, or they may have been repaired. This means they can’t be sold as new, but they’re still ready to go out on the hills!

We always look to repair and refurbish garments where possible – and in most cases they can be – but might look different to their original design.
Once repaired each item is fully tested to ensure they still meet the same standards as we expect from other garments.

So this is your chance to get a completely unique version of some of our classic designs, or a (cheaper!) refurbished version that looks and works just like normal stock – and still with our Keela Guarantee!


As a company we sometimes end up with a few rolls of fabric sitting waiting to be used – sometimes it’s a fabric we were testing, sometimes it’s fabric leftover from a larger manufacturing order, and sometimes the fabric suppliers we work with show us something they only have a tiny amount left of, and it’s so nice we just can’t resist it!

These rolls are usually enough to make 20-50 items, and we think it would be a tragedy for them to sit and gather dust, so we have committed to using these wherever possible.

In some cases we use existing designs with some special tweaks, and for certain fabrics they call for something entirely unique. These limited run items allow us to have a bit of fun – so we hope you enjoy what we come up with!


Despite our best efforts, sometimes an item has been so well-loved, it just can’t be saved or turned into something new.

But when the time comes to say goodbye – we can provide an alternative – send your item to us and it can join our recycling programme.

All items are collated and then sent to our recycling partner, to be shredded and turned into insulation (and sometimes other things!) – a more fitting end for your beloved jacket than ending up in a landfill.

Want to send your items back? Click here to find out how.

Coming later in 2024 – check back later for the addition of our ‘recycle with retailers’ programme!

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