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The Green Stuff

The Journey to Sustainability

We’re committed to improving our sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment in all areas
– we think it’s import to look to real commitment and changes and avoid just ‘greenwashing’ –
as part of this we’re also committed to helping you reduce your impacts, without you even needing to think about it!

We are not here to preach to you – we believe this is a journey we take together.

As a technical outdoor manufacturer, we have always been invested in ensuring we look after the planet’s resources wisely.
It’s been the cornerstone of our DNA to ensure that we manufacture durable technical clothing responsibly and without breaking your bank balance.
That’s why for over 40 years we have had a repair centre here in Glenrothes. Making products last longer and offering a repair service to prolong garments is a key factor of what we do.

But can we do better? Of course! We can all do better.

It’s by working together that we can make a difference – even a small change made by many people can add up to a big impact.
So this can include things like washing items less or at a lower temperature (which we are encouraging through changes in our care guidance)
– as well as items we look at as a company, such as ensuring all of our designs are robust and can last a lifetime of adventures!
As we take this journey together, we welcome your involvement, stories and participation.

So how do we go about this? Trying to do the right thing is not always easy.

We like others take a measured approach using our 5 R’s as our guidelines to help our team and our suppliers work towards a greener and more sustainable future without ‘greenwashing’.
Part of this is covered by our Legacy Project (launching soon! – and with selected retailers in 2023)

To help us keep track of what we’re doing, we keep an eye on the leaves, the branches, and the trees.

The 5 R's


As an outdoors company we rely on the environment being clean and beautiful, and somewhere people want to be!
So we think it’s important that we respect the environment and look to do all we can to help protect and restore the nature around us.

Path Restoration – We funded various green projects including mend the mountain – Balmoral Path, Jungle hides etc, and more locally we encourage all of our local employees to bike/walk to work or car share where possible, and have introduced facilities to help with this.


It’s easier to improve your eco-credentials if you reduce the impact you have in the first place, rather than trying to balance this out once it has happened.

We have invested heavily in a £1M refurbishment program to ensure our premises are more energy efficient and less wasteful. From energy efficient machinery and technology to insulation and green energy. This is one of our biggest investments to date!

We are also working on guidance and support for working together to reduce our impacts – which is everything from using robust high-quality fabrics which can last many years (so you can buy once and wear lots!), to ensuring you can wash our items at 30 degrees.


Sometimes you can’t avoid something being damaged, but when this happens we recommend fixing where possible – a good jacket really can last a lifetime with the right care!

Robust Design – We undertake a variety of lab and real-world testing on our designs, to ensure they are robust – hopefully reducing the potential need for a repair!

Another aspect is the Legacy Project, where not only can we repair your garments, but we are also going to be launching tutorials on how you can repair, care and do DIY on your own kit.


It is one of the biggest challenges, but we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

We have recycled garments for over 5 years and have a zero landfill policy -but we can do better with your help. The Legacy Project is the next step in this journey.

Legacy Project – our new legacy project outlines our efforts to turn unique samples and preloved samples into garments used on the hills and beyond


The world of outdoor-wear is constantly changing, and we want to make sure we can be reactive to this.

As more innovative fabrics and components come out, our team explore whether these could be an appropriate and more sustainable alternative for our products.

Whether we are moving away from harmful chemicals, or moving towards ethical alternatives in materials, we’re always looking to improve. We continue to increase our R & D – which isn’t just the latest fabric technology, but also innovative techniques for application and use guidance.

As more innovative fabrics and components come out, our team explore whether these could be an appropriate and more sustainable alternative for our products.