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Despite our best efforts, sometimes an item has been so well-loved, it just can’t be saved or turned into something new.

But when the time comes to say goodbye – we can provide an alternative – send your item to us and it can join our recycling programme!

Step 1

Consider the Alternatives!

The most sustainable kit you will ever get, is the kit that you already own.

No matter how environmentally friendly the brand is, you just can’t beat NOT getting new kit!

So before you recycle, consider trying your hand at our second life upcycling options – or take inspiration and come up with your own alternative.

You can see our Second Life options here

Step 2

Send Your Items Back

If you don’t think your kit can be saved, you can recycle with us by dropping items off at our UK HQ, or you can post them back to us.

Make sure you add a note with your contact details so we can get back in touch!

Keela Recycling
44 Ramsden Road

Step 3

Wait For Your Discount

Once your items have been received and checked, we’ll send you a discount voucher which you can use on getting your next bit of ready-to-be-loved kit.

Step 4

Checkin’ it Out

Our team will check your kit and see if we think it can be refurbished – if possible we’ll do this and then send it on for use by charities (for example in 2022, we sent over 1000 pieces of refurbished goods to charities!).

If not, your kit will join our next round of recycling.

The next Step

Coming in 2024

We’re also working on introducing a ‘Recycle with Retailers’ programme – meaning you can drop off your kit at your nearest retailer.

Check back later for more information!