Women’s Merino L/S Top

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When out in the wilderness a good base layer is indispensable.

Our 200gsm Merino is designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures yet remain breathable, and is able to help your body regulate its temperature when you’re pushing yourself to the limits. Naturally odour resistant, this Merino base layer is the best partner for any expedition.



Merino wool naturally resists odours, making it the perfect base layer (especially if you’re planning to wear it multiple days on the trot!)


Designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures, while remaining breathable to help you cool down when it’s warm


A great baselayer needs to be comfortable, and using flatlock stitching means no uncomfortable rubbing against your skin


  • ¼ length zip for ventilation
  • Flatlock stitching for comfort
  • Slim fit
  • Temperature regulation
  • Naturally odour resistant


Original Outdoors – “from my point of view, this top can do no wrong”

The Keela reputation for quality gear had reached my ears, I had colleagues who sung the praises of their waterproof jackets (watch this space…) With the Merino I was not disappointed – it is made from 200gsm Merino, this feels somewhere in between my current two tops which is a happy coincidence! For those of you who have somehow missed the wave of enthusiasm for Merino wool, it is wool from the merino sheep which is known to be the softest and finest from any sheep, ideal for wearing next to the skin, especially in sensitive areas. It is ideal for use as a base layer due to it’s breathable nature, insulation offered and antibacterial properties.

Upon wearing
First impressions were along the lines of “oooo, soft…I like the purple….it fits so well!!”, so far all of these comments still ring true. The fabric is good quality, and hasn’t yet shown signs of wear despite being top of the pile most days. I’ve been impressed with the fit as I’m quite tall (5’10”) and often find that sleeves are on the shorter side of ideal, but this isn’t the case with the Keela Merino. They also fit well under the thin, fitted gloves I often wear for dog walking – meaning no cold wrists. I’ve also suffered in the past from the waistbands of stretchy fitted tops riding up to subject bare skin to the outside world – very unwelcome when halfway up a bouldering route on a frosty morning, or having your first stretch of the day after leaving the tent! This isn’t a problem with the Keela Merino Long Sleeve tops which provides effective coverage, even of long bodied people. I also appreciate that labels have been kept to a minimum with only one present with washing instructions on the left side – a scratchy label on the neck is never welcomed.

In the warmth of a heated building it works well on it’s own or layered over a vest top with the ¼ length zip offering ventilation if needed. For more extreme temperatures it is a perfect non-bulky base layer, the close fitting and high neck also offers seamless warmth when teamed with tubular neckwear. The fitted cut of this top, with it’s raglan sleeves, is perfect for keeping in warmth without hindering movement and the stretchy nature enables the sleeves to be pushed up out of the way if needed. I’ve been wearing it regularly around the house, whilst Christmas shopping, in a cold office, for dog walks, splitting logs and doing other work around the place. When feeling a bit too warm with a coat on there isn’t the sudden chilling effect when de-layering which often occurs with synthetic base layers.

I also really like the look of this top, it’s flattering as it is softly fitted rather than cutting in. It looks reasonably smart for that post hike/climb pub meal, even if meeting up with friends who might have spent the day in town. The antibacterial properties must have been acting well over the past couple of months as, despite much wear, I haven’t needed to wash mine yet as the antibac properties mean that good quality merino products are odour resistant.

Final Assessment
I think that it’s safe to say, from my point of view, this top can do no wrong. It offers me everything that I want from a Merino base layer, it is warm, comfortable against the skin, easy to care for, will take abuse and is low profile – perfect for layering. The sizing is good with decent length on sleeves and body for the size reviewed (size 12, 5’ 10” reviewer) The fabric quality feels top notch and the stitching all looks very secure – personally I like the contrast colour to the stitching and zip as well in the grey colourway, although this is purely aesthetic. The one feature which could help this top would be to have thumb holes in the cuffs which already have a deep enough hem to take one. This would give a bit of extra warmth to hands, as well as making it easier to layer up when out in the mountains without suffering from the faff of trying to tug an errant sleeve through under a particularly ‘sticky’ fleece.

I am looking forward to wearing this for years to come.

Women’s Running Magazine – “The fitted cut keeps in warmth without hindering movement, the fabric and stitching are top quality and it’s fantastic value for money!”

The Merino is designed to keep you warm yet remain breathable, helping to regulate your temperature. Made from Merino wool, it’s supremely soft and works well on its own or over a vest, with the ¼-length zip offering ventilation. For colder temperatures, it’s a perfect non-bulky base layer – it’s flattering, comfortable and a nice length. The fitted cut keeps in warmth without hindering movement, the fabric and stitching are top quality and it’s fantastic value for money!

Scottish Field – “If you’re planning multiple days on the trot, merino is naturally odour resistant, and this form fitting top is light and airy to wear.”

I WANT IT BECAUSE: Merino base layers are fantastic for warmth and breathability, as well as for helping regulate your body temperature.
USEFUL FOR: Layering up on cold days, or using as a single layer when the sun comes out. If you’re planning multiple days on the trot, merino is naturally odour resistant, and this form fitting top is light and airy to wear.

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