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Polygiene StayFresh

Wear More. Wash Less.

Polygiene Stay Fresh

Polygiene’s aim is to bring about a world where we wash half as often, and where products last more than twice the time they do today.

There are enormous positive environmental gains to be achieved from this.

For instance, just skipping one out of ten washes shows a reduction in total toxicity and large improvements on CO2, microplastics and water use.


How It Works

Polygiene StayFresh™ is a 24/7 working odor-control textile technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria that typically cause that unpleasant ‘sweat smell .’ The solution is based on silver chloride, which occurs naturally in water and soil. Silver ions in the salt prevent bacteria from multiplying and thus also prevent bad odors directly at the source.

As Polygiene StayFresh™ is integrated into products at the manufacturing stage, it is only active in the material itself. This ensures it is entirely safe for use in clothing and does not interfere with natural bacteria on the skin.

The result is textiles that feel fresh and require less washing. By washing items less frequently, customers save water and energy, reduce their environmental footprint and benefit from more durable, longer-lasting products.

Polygiene StayFresh™ isn’t on stuff. Polygiene is IN stuff. So it remains effective for the useful lifetime of the garment.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Benefits for the Environment

  • Less frequent washing reduces energy and water consumption. Skipping every other wash can save 51 kWh and 3,800 liters of water a year – for more information have a look at the recently published LCA (by SWECO).
  • Longer-lasting textiles mean extended product cycles and promote the transition from fast-fashion consumables to more eco-friendly durables. Of course, hygienically fresh, long-lasting products become even more relevant with regard to the second-hand market.
  • Fewer washes mean less microfiber shedding and fewer microplastics damaging delicate ecosystems.

Mind and Body

Benefits for the User

  • Odor-control in clothing and textiles. And the confidence that comes with feeling fresh. Nobody wants smelly clothes.
  • Less time washing means more time on the things you want to do.
  • Longer-lasting products mean you replace your love pieces less often and you save money.
  • Reduced energy, detergent and water consumption help cut costs.
  • Active contribution: Understanding the importance of sustainable products results in more Mindful Living™ and helps reduce our ecological footprint.

Safe for use

Polygiene StayFresh™ is only active in the treated material - so it doesn’t interfere with any natural bacteria on the skin.