Saxon Jacket

£109.95 inc VAT

For cyclists and runners, the Saxon is highly technical, lightweight and waterproof.

Made from Flylite Aqua fabric, it has an adjustable hood to fit over helmets and reflective piping to give high visibility. It’s ideal for fast-moving sports and takes up a tiny amount of room in your rucksack.

Product weight: 260g



The Saxon includes a helmet-compatible hood and scooped back (perfect for stopping drips when leaning over a bike)

Reflective Piping

Reflective trims help to increase your visibility in low light, and the orange version has extra reflective patches

Zipped Back Pocket

The back pocket is easy-access storage and perfect for popping your smaller bits and pieces in if you’re out on your bike!


  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • 3-way adjustable hood
  • 2 zipped hip pockets
  • Zipped back pocket
  • Thumb loops
  • Hook and loop adjustable cuffs
  • Active cut with scooped back
  • Reflective trim
  • Water-resistant centre front zip
  • Lightweight


Forbes – “Not only did it keep out the wind and the rain, but I could pack it down small enough to fit in my backpack”

With the change of routine over recent months, I’ve taken my running in different directions. For a while I focused on shorted more intense runs. More recently I’ve been able to go a bit further.

What I’ve discovered through this period is the importance of the right tech and kit to support performance and ensure I have everything with me I need. Previously I hadn’t given run packs and jackets a huge amount of thought, but having the right materials, fit and storage has become much more important.

Through the winter I have also tried out a range of Keela clothing that employs new design or material technology. The Merino top did a good job of keeping me warm on cold mornings, while the Neck Gaiter added some further wind proofing in this crucial area.

However it was the Keela Saxon jacket that was the real star. Not only did it keep out the wind and the rain, but I could pack it down small enough to fit in my backpack. Also there was some really intelligent design around the hood, which offered a structure that created a peak to stop the rain dripping down onto your forehead.

Herald – “Score 9/10”

What is it?
A feature-packed, all-weather activity jacket.
If you are weary of being cooped up indoors exercising at the gym and yearn to enjoy some fresh air, choosing the right attire to help face and fend off the inclement weather is vital.
For those who aspire to a decent balance of protection and breathability in their clothing, the Saxon jacket from Fife-based Keela might be just the ticket.
The Flylite Aqua waterproof fabric provides a sufficient barrier to withstand harsh downpours while circulating enough air to remain cool and comfortable.

Good Points?
The oversized hood has been developed for cyclists to cover their helmets and this works extremely well. Traditionally if you wanted to protect your head from rain either a cap or helmet cover would be essential. While both would do a great job, you would likely end up with a noggin drenched in sweat into the bargain.
Having air flow between the hood and helmet makes for a more pleasant ride and means you can arrive at your destination feeling fresh.
The scooped design at the back helps guard from soggy bottom syndrome which can occur with wheel spray from the bike or foot pick-up while running. This is a real bonus as many active wear manufacturers forget this vital area.
Additional features include adjustable cuffs, reflective trim and three zipped pockets.

Bad points?
Very few. But remember it’s a thin shell so layering up underneath is essential.

Best for …
Urban and rural adventurers who crave being outdoors all year round.

Avoid if …
Binging box sets in the warmth until spring arrives is more your speed.
Score: 9/10.

Run247 – “it felt comfortable and most importantly kept the wind at bay.”

I’ll be 100% honest and at first I was not looking forward to testing the jackets as cold weather and probably rain would be needed and they seemed a little scratchy for my delicate skin! That aside, I gritted my teeth, waited for the next windy and wet night and kitted up.

It didn’t rain so I did not get to test how water tight the garment is, but given the care of construction this should not be an issue. I have cycled in the jacket, run in the jacket and tried it out in the house. All good. On the bike the hood did actually fit over my bike helmet as claimed and zipped up to half cover my lower face to protect me further from the elements. I liked that!

On the run I usually like a soft, non-rustley shell, so I was a little concerned that the fabric was a little more rustle than I like. Again, out and about it actually was fine and didn’t annoy me. Of note too are the pockets, and in particular the rear pocket which has a decent sized zip to allow easy use on the move.

In addition at the rear, the jacket has its scooped shape to cover your rear on the bike and it works whilst running too. The jacket is fully bonded at the seams, there are draw cords for a snug fit and it is lightweight and packs down into the rear pocket.

OriGym – “If you are searching for a jacket that will protect your eyes from the rain, keep you dry and is easy to run in, then we’d recommend buying a Saxon Jacket.

The next entry on our list is not only one of the best jackets for running, but is also a great option for triathletes, with a helmet-friendly hood that can be adjustable for any shaped bike helmet.  The 3-way interchangeable hood is one of the key selling features of this product, as with it being slightly curved, it keeps the rain from your face and makes those rainy runs less troublesome.

The Saxon jacket is made with Flylite Aqua waterproof fabric, created with high visibility reflective piping that will ensure your safety when running on dark nights. Not only dark nights, but rainy runs can be particularly dangerous, so to be best prepared for all weather conditions, check out our guide: running in the rain: tips, precautions and clothes checklist here for some tips.

In addition to this, if you run with any belongings, this running jacket comes with deep zippered back pockets. This feature gives you plenty of storage for essential items like keys and phones, so you don’t have to worry about the combisum task of carrying them in your hand.

This jacket is a great prefect for marathon runners too. Weighing in at 250g, this light weight material won’t hinder your performance or slow you down in any way… Therefore, if you are searching for a jacket that will protect your eyes from the rain, keep you dry and is easy to run in, then we’d recommend buying a Saxon Jacket.”

Bearded Outdoors – “It was lightweight but had a strong feel to it. The collar, cuffs, zipper and hood felt sturdy and it was very comfortable.”

Keela is an outdoors clothing company built to survive the toughest conditions. From their beginnings, in harsh Scottish winters, they’ve designed and refined their products to stand up to the most relentless bike rides you can muster.

Our first impressions of the coat were good. It was lightweight but had a strong feel to it. The collar, cuffs, zipper and hood felt sturdy and it was very comfortable. The sleeves are baggier than other cycling coats we’ve worn before, but make the coat feel cooler and less restrictive when riding. The technical material its made from is called Flylite Aqua which is very lightweight and very breathable. Its reflective highlights are a great added bonus making you safer for when you’re on the road. The hood is larger allowing it to comfortably fit over a bike helmet. This is something we’ve never had in a coat before and we were surprised how natural this felt. When not in use the hood simply rolls up and is secured with a velcro tab. The coat has 3 water resistant pockets with one of these on the back where every cyclist likes to keep their snacks!

Bike Radar – “Lightweight jacket with some well thought-out features”

The Keela Saxon jacket is constructed from the brand’s Flylite Aqua fabric. It’s a lightweight shell designed for cycling and running, and Keela claims it is windproof, waterproof and highly breathable.
We tested the small size, which has a relatively slim cut but still has decent length arms and enough room underneath to layer up.

The dropped rear, adjustable hem and cuffs and full-length waterproof zip keep out the worst of the weather out, while letting perspiration escape at an acceptable rate.

We like the large hood too – it fits over a helmet and can be cinched up, which is especially useful for those mid-ride stops when the wind and rain are unrelenting.

There are two side pockets and one to the rear, all with the same waterproof zips. Reflective piping on the arms and back is a nice touch too. The Saxon is proving pretty resilient to scuffs and snags so far, which is impressive given its light weight.

Scramble Kit – “I’ve worn it during intense Winter storms (where I was being frequently blown over) and I never felt I needed additional wind protection.”

Scotland is an ideal place to design and test waterproof clothing, and so perhaps it’s not surprising that Keela do best with apparel suited to their dreich home conditions; if it’s wet or if it’s cold, Keela may have something to offer. If it’s cold and wet, all the better. (…) Clearly Keela feel confident about the Saxon’s ability to breathe, since it’s aimed at runners and cyclists. Carrying a 40lb pack up mountains in warm / hot weather certainly tests breathability and we’ve found almost all waterproofs are challenged in such a scenario. The Saxon performs pretty well in this regard. In cooler conditions, the Saxon performs very well and I’ve not found overheating an issue.

The Saxon, as one would expect from a waterproof is very wind resistant. I’ve worn it during intense Winter storms (where I was being frequently blown over) and I never felt I needed additional wind protection.

As with any truly lightweight item, the Saxon is not designed to be abused; however, if one treats it with a sensible degree of care, it’s certainly tough enough for four season mountain use. A great little jacket and Scramble’s top pick in the Waterproof Jacket category.

Single Tracks – “The Keela Saxon rain jacket offers an incredibly light weight and an excellent array of features at a very affordable price.”

Despite being 100% waterproof and offering a hood, a full zip, and several zippered pockets, the Saxon isn’t heavy. Rather, the Saxon is extremely lightweight for the features it offers–0.26kg, or 9.17 ounces. To get a sense of how this stacks up against other rain jackets on the market, I compared the feature list and weight of the Saxon against several lists of the “best rain jackets of 2016,” and found that in general, to get a 100% waterproof jacket with a hood, full front zip, and pockets, you’re generally looking at right about 15 ounces. Some jackets come down near 11 or 10 ounces, but as they do the price ratchets up significantly.

The Keela Saxon rain jacket offers an incredibly light weight and an excellent array of features at a very affordable price. Not only that, but its performance in even the harshest conditions rivals any jacket I’ve ever worn (…) It will undoubtedly be my inseparable companion for true backcountry forays like multi-day bikepacking trips.

So is necessity really the mother of invention? If the Keela Saxon rain jacket is any indication, I think “yes!”

See Outside – “The Saxon deals with rain like a jacket double its value and keeps the cold winds at bay when faced with exposure”

The Saxon from Keela is a perfect summer jacket for when you want to reduce pack size and weight, but also have confidence that you’re going to stay dry if (when) it rains. Weighing in at just 260g, the Saxon jacket is super lightweight, and packs down very small- even small enough to stuff in the pocket of a cycling jersey. Constructed from Flylite Aqua fabric, the Saxon isn’t the hardest shell, but what it lacks in toughness, it certainly makes up for in weight saving. Compared to a Goretex pro shell, the Saxon is considerably lighter and packs down to a fraction of the size.

The Saxon deals with rain like a jacket double its value and keeps the cold winds at bay when faced with exposure. With regards to breathability, the jacket performs as well as any other thin shell we’ve tried.

As a summer jacket, the Saxon from Keela performs excellently and what’s more, looks great too!

Outdoor Enthusiast – Best Buy

At just 245g for a size medium, it’s the kind of jacket  don’t mind carrying own any adventure. Yet when called into action, I found it very waterproof and reasonably breathable too. The hood is superb: three way adjustable with great coverage and an excellent wired peak. And it’s big enough to over a climbing or cycling helmet too. It has two hand warmer pockets that I’s prefer to be a bit higher to make them easier to get in to when wearing a thick pack hip belt; and an excellent zip-access rear pocket that comes into it’s own when cycling – reflective strips also lend themselves well to the bike or running on the road. The cuffs are adjustable and easy to pull up and down. And the hem cinches with simple elastic shock cord. Overall, a very versatile piece that’s at home walking, cycling, running, scrambling or climbing. And at a great price.

Grough – “The Saxon has been designed with runners and cyclists in mind”

The Saxon has been designed with runners and cyclists in mind, with features such as reflective piping on its back and sleeves, plus a zipped rear pocket.

The Keela jacket is also cut in an active fit style, hugging the body well.

It’s very lightweight and also packs down small, while still giving good protection against the rain.

We’ve used the Keela Saxon Jacket extensively, both on the hoof and in the saddle, and it worked well. The snug fit was good on the bike and the rear pocket was useful when cycling. For runners and walkers, the jacket is small enough to roll up into a small pack and, in fact, it fitted into the bum bag I use for walking on warmer days and while on the bike.

Price was competitive for a versatile waterproof jacket which, as well as suiting runners, mountain bikers and cyclists, worked well while walking too.

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