Women’s ViralOff Trousers

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A new addition to our travel wear range, these trousers are not only designed to keep you cool and comfortable, but also include ViralOff treatment.

The treatment reduces viruses present on the treated fabric by 99% after 2 hours, and it also has an anti-bacterial component to reduce sweat smells keeping you fresher for longer.

This makes it ideal for use while travelling, or just while you’re out and about.

ViralOff is not intended to prevent disease, it is for the protection of the treated product.




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The quick dry feature means these trousers are great for travelling – no need to wait a long time for them to dry out!

ViralOff Treatment

ViralOff treatment is certified to ISO18184:2019, and achieved a 99% reduction in viruses over 2 hours.

Read more about the technology here

Stretch Fabric

The stretch fabric means you won’t be restricted and can stay comfortable while you’re exploring


  • Lightweight
  • Quick dry
  • Stretch fabric
  • Slim fit

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