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Wee Days Oot Neck Tube

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The Neck Tube is an essential addition to your kit bag – and this version includes Polyigene StayFresh™ Treatment.

Highly versatile, it can be worn in an array of different ways to give additional protection where you need it; and the microfibre material manages moisture and protects from the outside elements.

Designed as part of our ‘Wee Days Oot’ collection, this neck gaiter proudly displays our collection’s motto in Scottish Gaelic, “Rannsaich an saoghal timcheall ort,” translating to “Explore the world around you.” We want to show that you can find an adventure anywhere – you don’t need to spend thousands on a trip abroad, or commit to spending weeks away from home!

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Wee Days Oot Neck Tube
Wee Days Oot Neck Tube Sale price£9.95 GBP